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Penny Ericson

Penny is the author of six cookery books and has been translated into French, Italian, German and Russian.

Born and raised in Canada, Penny began her culinary career in the 80’s in Calgary, Alberta and Seattle, Washington.

She earned her way through university working in every type of kitchen and restaurant from sandwich bar to Michelin star. In 2010 she came full circle back to her culinary roots when she met her husband Simon who is surviving bowel cancer and the inspiration for Chemo Cookery Club.

Barbara Parry MSc RD

Barbara is one of only a small number of UK-registered breast cancer dietitians. She is senior research dietitian for the Dick Rainsbury Breast Unit at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital and provides a service across all hospitals within Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Originally hailing from Australia, Barbara has spent more than 25 years providing clinical services to patients in the UK as well as pursuing her specialist research on the role of diet and related lifestyle factors in the outcome of breast cancer treatment.

About the book

Around the Kitchen Table contains over 50 recipes from easy snacks to nourishing meals and drinks.

Some of the recipes are designed specifically to help with some of the symptoms of treatment, from dry
mouth to nausea and changes in taste caused by cancer treatment. There are sections of evidence-based
nutritional advice and each recipe has been analysed with an easy to understand ‘Thumbs Up’ score

Captured in the book are also the personal stories of treatment and eating from across Europe from
people living with cancer..

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